Hacking UI: Victor Yocco

Applying psychological theory to digital design

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Sagi Shrieber
Sagi ShrieberMaker@sagishrieber · Co-Founder @HackingUI
Hey all! In this episode of the Hacking UI Podcast David (@dmtintner) talked to Victor Yocco (@VictorYocco) on how UX research fits into the workflow, what it takes to create a really good experience, and they go over some deep analysis of user psychology. Victor also covers this in his brand new book Design For the Mind, where he definitely gives some gems in this conversation that shine a new light on user psychology and UX research. Along with this Victor shares his advice for those seeking to become UX researchers and how to incorporate research into your startup budget. For show notes and transcription you're welcome to visit the episode's page: http://hackingui.com/scaling-a-d... Enjoy!!
David Tintner
David TintnerMaker@dmtintner · Co-founder @ Hacking UI
I hope you guys enjoy this episode. I learned a ton speaking to victor, especially because I, like many others coming from the startup world, never had a chance to work with a dedicated UX researcher on my product team. Really made me think about how startups, limited on time and budget, can still incorporate UX research into their agile workflows