Gusto Flexible Pay

Let your employees get paid when they want

95 million American workers may be living paycheck to paycheck and Gusto wants to help fix that. Our new Flexible Pay feature gives employees the freedom to choose their own pay schedule and get paid as soon as the next day for the hours they’ve already worked — without employers having to run any extra payroll.

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Hi everyone, I’m Tomer London, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Gusto. Have you ever wondered why you only get paid every two weeks? Do you ever wish you could get paid more quickly? Here at Gusto, we’ve been working on a new feature that will redefine payday as you know it—it’s called Flexible Pay. Flexible Pay gives employees the freedom to choose their own pay schedule and get paid when they want. For the first time, employees can get paid for the hours they’ve already worked with a few simple clicks from their Gusto account. For the millions of Americans who can’t afford a $400 emergency expense, and for those who want more flexibility in their daily budgets, we think this feature will make a big difference. Flexible Pay is available in Texas and will expand to additional states later this year. To provide Flexible Pay to your employees or learn more about how your employer can offer Flexible Pay to you, visit I’d be happy to answer your questions here!
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@tomerlondon No questions, just applause. Excited to see this roll out to other states.
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@boris_berkovich Thank you Boris for your support!
Such a great (and simple?) idea, can't wait to see this in effect! Really awesome!