Guggy V2

Smartly predicting the GIFs & stickers you want to send

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Hi all, We are extremely excited about Guggy V2. This is what we've done in the last few months. - Introducing "Guggy Stickers" - Context-based stickers as well as GIFs - A major overhaul of our image rendering server (generating GIFs and stickers under 200 milliseconds - we are now the fastest GIFs generator in the world) - Added multiple choices (as the users requested) - Significantly improved our prediction abilities - Added /guggysticker command to our slack app Go to and try it out, you will love it!
Nice Selection of GIFs based on given text input.
It's super cool on Slack
@ereztal1 Thank Erez!
Love this service. The API is fast and easy. The team resolved any bugs within hours of reporting them. Go team Guggy ๐Ÿš€
@janklimo Thanks!
The stickers are a great addition! love the slack integration, using it all the time.