Make your friends laugh with personalized GIFs

Guggy helps you express yourself with personalized GIFs using a specialized for messaging NLP engine.

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Hi everyone, I'm Rotem from Guggy and we help you make your friends laugh by turning your text messages into personalized, funny GIFs. We're currently serving 4M GIFs daily. It works like this: Whenever you want to spice up your conversation, just use Guggy and get a selection of GIFs with your text in them. When we started Guggy, we were trying to provide non-technical users with an easy way of creating funny GIFs, and for that we built a GIF editor, only to discover that the real problem was that people had a hard time combining the right text with the right GIF. That got us thinking that we should try to automatically create the text/image pairing, relieving users from the need to search and match. To do that, we've built an NLP engine that understands 'messaging language', that is, slang, excited writing (e.g. “soo amazinggg!”) and leetspeak, to name a few. We’ve also built a fast image rendering engine that generates the final media for the user in real time. This stands out from existing solutions, which rely on existing media files (served via CDNs). We don’t store the files at all, we generate them on the fly at each request. That gives us flexibility in personalizing the content to the user. We’re two co-founders who are also cousins. We have been working together on numerous projects for several years, and always wanted to build something related to humor. Of all the projects we've tried, this is the one that just sort of took off, and we've been following where the users want to take us. It's kind of a dream project because the technical challenges are interesting and we get to work in a space that amuses us. We offer our own Android/iOS GIF keyboards for natural experience, or you can just use our standalone apps. We also have bots and an API so you can use Guggy via messengers such as Facebook, Viber and Slack. If you don't find it annoying, we may reply to bits of your text in the comments with Guggy URLs, just for fun and to show what the system can do. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our product, and feel free to head to and reply with Guggy GIFs :) Oh and btw,
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@rotemthegolfer 👊 / congrats on Y Combinator, already looks like a ton of progress in a short amount of time
@nivo0o0 Thank you Niv! We are extremely excited to be in YC. Working around the clock but it's totally worth it!
@rotemthegolfer pretty fun! P.S. For some weird reason we started typing our names and started sharing the first gif that showed up amongst friends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ something to consider if you'd like people to share it on social media in a fun way :)
@go_rishi very interesting. We will think about it.
I instantly loved Guggy as soon as @rotemthegolfer showed me a (very rough version) of the app. Just search for a GIF, and it overlays what you typed on top. Makes it super easy to create custom GIFs on mobile. Here's a quick demo ¯\_(🐼)_/¯
@nivo0o0 Haha An insider tip. You can use # following a search term in the end of the sentence so change the meaning of your sentence. For example: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #I don't care
@rotemthegolfer Can you explain this a bit better? I don't get it.
@arunsathiya it's very simple. Just add # following a word/s to change the meaning of your sentence. For example, if you write "you are beautiful #ugly" you will get GIFs that represent ugly but with "you are beautiful" text on them
Love this app! Been having fun playing around with it for a while and excited to see the latest update makes it even smoother to get my gif on :)
@adambreckler Thanks Adam, that's great to hear
Love the product & the team is insanely talented. Congrats on the launch!