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#4 Product of the DayAugust 13, 2015

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Luke here, co-founder of GrowSumo. We started GrowSumo because we wanted to make it easy for people to get paid for recommending products and services to their friends and clients (something they're already doing!). I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on GrowSumo, and what companies you’d like to work with!
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Hey Luke! My first reaction: this is amazing. Super smart idea and love how it looks and feels. Question: what if I have multiple clients and I want to advise them different "stacks" so to say. Will I be able to track my referrals or do I get one special partner link per partner?
Thanks @bramk! You can apply to work with as many companies as you like, and you'll receive a unique link and dashboard for each company that you work with.
Awesome UI/UX!
Appreciate the love, @prahasith_v!
This looks like a really good idea, saw you on TechCrunch awhile back. I was wondering can GrowSumo work for multiple verticals? We're in health care technology and have pretty different needs than a regular consumer company when we deal with our partners. Any help would be appreciated :)
Hey, @eisforinnovate. Thanks! We’re working with companies in a lot of different verticals right now. Primarily dev and SMB tools, but some hardware (tea-making robots, bitcoin ATM’s as well). Healthcare’s a very case-by-case basis because of regulation, but there’re a lot of healthcare companies that rely heavily on partnerships.
@lukeswanek Awesome! Thanks, really look forward to where this goes :)
I've always thought that affiliate marketplaces needed a new boost for the current set of web products. This seems exactly it, and beautifully executed. Congrats!
Really appreciate it @stefanobernardi. :)