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Thanks @socialmemos for hunting us 😉 The project we’re sharing with you today started back in 2017 when we realized we actually sat on a massive pile of... data, which we thought couldn’t go to waste. So we decided to create the Email Time Optimizer, which the PH community went crazy for! (Growbots Email Timing Optimizer) If you don’t recall it, it’s a simple tool based on machine learning algorithms that tells you the best time to send emails depending on your recipient's characteristics (like their job position, industry, their company founding year, etc.) Pretty sleek, huh? We’ve received tons of positive feedback. And we thought, alright so we’re not the only ones who’re tired of guesswork. There are people out there who appreciate a data-backed approach to sales & marketing. Plus, we have to admit, it just felt really good to give back to the community. And since we had everything we needed (tons of data, an awesome development team, and the will to do it) we decided to turn this one-off project into something much bigger... … and that’s how Growbots Labs was born -- it is a knowledge hub, where sales & marketing champs come searching for unique, actionable, data-driven, content to enhance their sales & marketing efforts. It’s made of: 1) Free Tools - Our company culture is all about development, so we create lots of in-house solutions that make our jobs easier and improve our results. We decided to share some of them with you, completely for free of charge. 2) Reports - We strive for excellence, and it can only be achieved through data-backed decisions. Our superb data-science team continuously analyzes data from millions of campaigns sent by us and our customers. We do it to validate the information which is widely available on the internet but has not been confirmed in any way. 3) Curated Content - We consume tons of content every week, so we know how much time it takes to find really valuable pieces. This is why we’re going to do it for you. Here you’ll find handpicked content that truly inspired or surprised us. Blog posts, ebooks, talks, videos, and podcasts from the world’s most respected brands and experts, all in one place. That’s all folks, go, explore and let us know what you think! PS. Don’t forget to sign up for the updates -- we’ll be releasing lots of cool stuff in the near future, so you don’t want to miss out 😉
@socialmemos @pietruszynski thanks for this. I love the combination of good content + good tools.
The email time opt is just an amazing tool, I can see many companies pay for this service on monthly basis and you just offer that for free, will keep following the next tools.
@jenifa_orin thanks, I'm happy you like it! It's a spin-off from the feature we have in our platform, that automatically adjusts the time of the campaign to the target :) We've decided to share it with the community to help everyone's open rates!
Hey guys @pietruszynski @zawiszachris ! 👋 I went into the "Free Tools" sections and found this under Account Intelligence: "Have you ever had to jump between 6 different browser tabs to gather information on the account you want to reach out to? In January we are going to release the tool that will solve this problem." YES! Can you elaborate please? Because I am constantly struggling with my research and getting lost in Google search results that are completely irrelevant. Specifically, I want to know where the account was mentioned in publications that are actually worth something site-metrics-wise to avoid horrible, low-quality content... Can this help me? If yes, how? Thanks!
@zawiszachris @alon_keren ha, we can't share all of the secrets in one day ;) but send me your email and we will put you on the beta testers list when ready!
What a small funny world, I was just searching for outreach service, this looks like top quality one.
@agnes_thompso happy to show you around! :)
Hi @pietruszynski love the new knowledge center. Do you plan on opening it now more companies to contribute? As in creating a blog for SaaS companies by SaaS companies?
@itaielizur interesting, we definitely have some ideas how to make it more interactive ;)