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Thanks @benln for hunting us ;) We are super pumped to hear the feedback from Product Hunt community! From day one at Growbots we strive to make salespeople and marketers’ life easier by equipping them with the best possible tools. Recently we’ve decided to solve another struggle in their day-to-day job and answer the question: what is the best time to send emails? Some of you might say, that this was solved by numerous companies a long time ago, but, in fact, no one has ever got further than trying to establish some general rules (i.e. Tuesdays mornings are the best!!). Is it enough? I don’t think so. After all, you’d expect a CEO of a small startup to be responsive in a different way than a Director in a Fortune 500 company, right? Thanks to the fact that we provide our customers with a huge database of potential customers and email automation tool in one place, we were able to gather enormous dataset containing information on responsiveness across different industries, countries, and departments. Of course, we couldn’t sit on this data for too long without sharing it. To make it easily accessible, we used machine learning to create this email sending time optimizer. Go ahead and play around with it. It’s time to empower your email campaign with the right timing :)
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@benln @growbots_ @pietruszynski Congrats on the rollout, guys. This tool looks extremely useful. These types of benchmarks are great for identifying actionable email send time experiments.
@benln @growbots_ @osbennn yes, some people say that the average positive response rate to cold emails is 1% - which is completely not true if you do it right!
@benln @pietruszynski Didn't generate report
@benln @ram_rayavarapu strange, can you send me details to greg @ growbots?
@benln @pietruszynski - Wish it had publications and bloggers/journalist/editors too.
Love the free tool powered by all this knowledge. Looking forward to deep diving into this tool ASAP.
Gosh, I love this thing. 😻 Finally something useful. Awesome tool guys! 💪 brb, I have to update our scheduled emails.
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@geovasiliadis haha, good luck. Let me know if it helped!
With more and more companies executing cold mailing strategies - timing becomes crucial. It's a great tool to find out when your audience is most likely to engage!
@mkurleto thanks Mateusz, I hope we will help you to improve results.
Love this! We're going to test it both in our agency and our SaaS startup 🤘
@savvaszortikis great to hear that, hope it helps :)