Growbots helps salespeople optimize their work by automating non-value-adding activities like prospecting and email outreach giving them more time to focus on revenue generation.

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Hey hunters! Tristan, thanks for hunting us. We haven’t been here since featuring our email time optimizer on Product Hunt (which turned out to be quite a hit, so thanks for the support!). Today we’re coming back with something BIG. Ladies and gentlemen, let us proudly present (an upgraded version of) Growbots - a sales platform to give your team an efficiency boost. It automates non-value-adding activities like prospecting and email outreach to let your sales team focus on revenue generation. We’ve received tons of feedback from our customers, and for a year we worked tirelessly on making the app better. Actually, we’ve completely redesigned it. Now Growbots revolves around processes rather than features, which makes it much more intuitive. Goodbye chaos, hello clarity! All processes are easy to follow. Initially the user chooses their target audience (based on very specific targeting criteria). Then they decide on their email content, select email channels to send their messages from, and eventually personalize each message and send it to their prospects. The entire outbound sales process is streamlined and fully automated. Here’s what you can do with Growbots! 1. Automate prospecting to spend more time on revenue generating activities: - At Growbots you’ll not only get a tailored prospect list instantly, but you’ll be able to verify all prospects within minutes. Easily accept/ reject contacts which are/aren’t in your target. Prospecting doesn’t get any simpler than this. 2. Reach your prospects with the right messaging at the right time: - Use detailed prospect information available at Growbots to fully personalize your emails. All your emails will be scheduled automatically based on your prospect’s timezone. 3. Have control over your outbound sales process: - Get full scheduling visibility, know exactly when your emails will go out. Our special algorithm will ensure you don’t exceed email sending limits, to keep your domain reputation untouched - Send your campaigns from multiple email channels and manage all of them from a single account. 4. Use data to make smart business decisions and optimize your results: - Get a live estimate of your market size based on your targeting criteria. - A/B test various elements of your campaign including: email templates (which you can then reuse in different sequences). This makes creating new email sequences super quick, and speeds up the execution of your future outbound campaigns. 5. Seamlessly integrate Growbots with your CRM: - Growbots has a native integration with Salesforce and Hubspot. We’ll handle data deduplication and keep all your contacts fresh and up to date. - Zapier integration is coming very soon! Without further ado… here’s Growbots. Go check it out, and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to hear your feedback! Ah… we’ve nearly forgotten to mention that we have a special deal for you hunters! Get 50% or even 100% more prospects (depending on your package) at no extra cost.
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@pietruszynski Congrats on the reboot launch!
@pietruszynski Is there a code for the product hunt deal?
@kevinharrell no there are no codes, just sign up for a demo, and we'll know it was via PH, so you'll get the special offer
Great looking product, can see this adding value, and replacing a few tools we currently use (probably the biggest draw here as this is something we already heavily automate.. However guys, it is incredibly annoying that your pricing is not transparent or available on your site.. I'm guessing you are still figuring it out, that's understandable.. and I will still request to get a demo, but it is a quite a turn off when companies are not up front about the price.
@dan_rson Daniel, thanks for your feedback! It's not about transparency - we do custom packages, as the pricing depends on the number of users and amount leads you want to source from our database. As you will see during the demo, we already started working on standardizing our offer :)
This is great for entrepreneurs who don't have the sales know how to manually setup their cold outbound process! Do you plan to integrate with Zapier? It could really open use up for other CRM's like Pipedrive, Zoho, Sugar etc 👍
@lanre__akin Thanks, yes, Zapier integration is already in internal beta :) Currently you can integrate with CRM's like Pipedrive, Zoho, Sugar, etc. using .CSV files!
@pietruszynski Nice! When Zapier rolls out, automating those integration will be amazing 🤯
Looks great! What's pricing like?
@mdavep we do custom pricing, which depends on the package you choose, we will be happy to discuss it during a call or via email. Let me know if you're interested :)

Fantastic platform, no other platform as fully featured as Growbots


Fully featured


Can't solve sales for you. You must be willing to test to succeed!