Send mass text messages to your fans.

Groupies is a marketing platform that helps indie musicians build direct relationships with listeners.

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While it seems to be getting more crowded, SMS still might be the most engaging channel with nearly 100% open rate. This tool looks fairly powerful. I might experiment with this. 😊
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@as_austin That's some HD Gif 😬
@livinextreme Only the best for PH πŸ’¨πŸ˜»
Groupies is a tool that lets you send mass text messages to your fans. You can share upcoming performance, new song downloads, and more.
@kwdinc thanks for sharing, kevin! i built groupies to solve my own problem. next spring i'm recording a new album, and spinning up a mailchimp account was the last thing i wanted to do. while the MVP is targeted towards musicians, certainly there are other use cases as @rrhoover is alluding to. here's a post i wrote with some more information: some upcoming features: * deeper ecommerce integrations (ie: 1-click add-to-cart on shopify) * smarter shortlinks (building this now, will let users deep-link to their preferred player) * better filters to text only your fans nearby * scheduling and more analytics * etc etc looking forward to everyone's feedback, thanks again for the hunt.
"Each message is sent 1 at a time, from a new phone number that you control." What if I have more than 500 fans and I want to reach them all at the same day? As far as I know, there are some limitations that apply to Virtual Mobile numbers. The maximum amount of messages is 500 per day per long code for the US and Canada. How do you solve that? 😊
@ihatedotpink we give you a revolving 'group' of numbers if you're high volume. and each fan will only get texted from that number, not a mixture of the group. 500 is not actually very many, btw. we throttle enough that you could send thousands in a few mins, from a couple numbers.
Well this is super cool.