A smart-sorting grocery list app for iOS and Apple Watch

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Grocery started with a simple idea: I wanted to be able to go grocery shopping with my list on my Apple Watch. In theory it sounds like a good idea since you don't have to take it in and our of your pocket or manage pen and paper but in practice there are two problems. 1: Many list apps aren't great in the store: small text, small tap targets, etc. (easy to solve) And 2: the Watch screen is too small to scan through your entire list to find the next item. (harder to solve) So we set out to solve the harder problem with automatic sorting. It tracks when you mark things off then auto-reorders next time. The sorting algorithm is pretty smart for combining items from different trips. Once the list is in order, shopping from Grocery on the watch is really great. Next 3 items at a glance, big text, big tap targets. Check it out!
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@ryanconsidine The smart sorting is great – grocery IQ has it but doesn't seem to be actively developed anymore. One other key feature is the ability to scan barcodes have import products that way. On the development cycle?
I wrote a blog post that talks about our approach to the sorting algorithm, and other fun bits about building the app!
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This looks really promising. However, what if you frequent multiple stores (that each have distinct layouts)? Wouldn't shopping at more than one store screw up the algorithm?
@tim_vermeulen that's true for now. But we're looking into location tracking to solve this in a future update!
@ryanconsidine @tim_vermeulen That's cool because the reminders app has location geo-fencing triggers.
I've been looking for something like this for over a year. Perfect execution! I love the simple UI and the integration with iOS Reminders. Thanks for all the work! (and the blog post also, I love reading about the behind-the-scene thinking)
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