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The best alternatives to Grocery are Capitan, Manna Cooking, and Essential Goods. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Grocery
  • Google Maps directions for your shopping list

  • Manna is about making food easier, no matter your desire, lifestyle or dietary needs. Swipe on recipes to discover your next meal. ⁠Swap out recipes ingredient to meet your needs.⁠ Shop for groceries with just one click.

  • The essentials you need 1. Enter your phone number and a product that is out of stock 2. Receive a SMS text message when it is back in stock ***FREE*** for healthcare workers and senior citizens with 5% of any profits donated to our local hospital foundation

  • Incredibly fresh, locally-sourced produce and grocery essentials delivered to your doorstep the same day. Delivery is free.

  • Caramel is the shopping list companion to help organized at the store. It helps you to create a list for everything (from groceries, to gift reminders!) and also store your recipes with the details you need to get it perfect each time. You'll never forget that-one-thing again.

  • Handla is a tastefully designed grocery shopping list that is eco-conscious, categorized, personalized, easy-to-use, and synchronized. In short, it’s all you need in a shopping list. Handla means ‘to shop’ in Swedish.

  • helps you keep track of food expiraton dates.

  • MealMap is grocery list app (iOS only) that reorders your list based on the optimal aisle layout. The app's technology and UI/UX is centered around crowdsourcing the stores, store aisles, and store's aisle/item information from users using MealMap.

  • GroceryTime is a free app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to create and share grocery lists in a simple and intuitive interface. Create grocery lists for each store you shop at and easily share them with your spouse or roommates.

  • If you’re vulnerable to COVID-19 you cannot afford to go to three or four shops to try to find a product. Find My Pasta collects crowdsourced information on supermarket stock to help at risk individuals reduce their contact with others.

  • 🔍 When you make your shopping list you need simplicity. 📋 When you look at your shopping list you need clarity. Fast shopping is very simple and intuitive application, for everyone.

  • Due to COVID-19, grocery store wait times have gone up to an hour in some locations. StoreWaits.com is a crowdsourced wait time tracker for grocery stores everywhere! Shop safe. Save time.

  • ShopFella is a unique app that helps to to track things you are going to buy while shopping. ShopFella will help you to understand how much you’re going to pay total, show the statistics, save all the purchases you did previously and so much more!

  • Visually manage your grocery list. Yummy.

  • Save time, save money, and simplify with the Basketful Grocery List. Create, shop, and share your lists. Check them off in-store, or checkout your entire list online at your local retailer. Local pricing & availability at 100+ retailers and 18,000+ stores.

  • Manage your grocery list in your iWatch.

  • There was this post on reddit about an antique pocket shopping list on "r/interestingasfuck". I liked the idea so I built it as web app very quickly just for fun. It uses local storage, allows changing the items and you can add it to your phones home screen.

  • Create lists at the level of granularity you need. Just want to track some tags? You can turn off other UI features at any time without losing any data. This app was originally targeted at meal tracking, but I wanted it flex a bit more for other use cases.