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Experienced offshore software developers offer reduced rates

Are you struggling to find a good software engineer without spending a fortune? YouTeam, the premier marketplace for hiring remote dev teams, offers a comprehensive tech talent directory of engineers available for temporarily reduced rates
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I would't pay any money for them! they should be only fit for apprentice roles as they are junior developers with only 2 years experience.
@new_user_72e648c7ea David, that's a weird message, especially coming from a new PH user. Have you clicked through all the profiles? We've got a lot of engineers with 6+ year experience in a certain technology.
Hey makers, I'm not the first (nor the hundredth's) to say that crisis is an opportunity. According to the Economist, startups laid off the total of 125,000 jobs since the start of COVID-19 induced lockdown. About 20% of those are software engineers. Similar things are happening in contractual software development. Outsourced development budgets are those among the first in the list of expenses to be cut. As a result hundreds of brilliant software developers suddenly became available for the rates that would be unimaginable just couple of weeks ago. Our team has prepared the curated list of best-of-the best offshore engineers that can jump on your backlog as soon as this week! Crisis is the perfect opportunity to waste ;)