Save weeks of time and build web applications at warp speed

Gravity is a SaaS template for Node.js that saves startups and developers weeks of time. Get everything from subscription payments, authentication and a beautiful user interface right out of the box.
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Hey Hunters! Kyle here – solo-founder at Gravity. Gravity is a SaaS template for Node.js that empowers startups and developers to test, build and launch at warp speed. 📕 Storytime I started my maker journey in the VC-backed startup world, but I ended up crippled with stress and one day I was rushed to the hospital after throwing up blood. This prompted me to ask some serious questions about my life. It was a huge eye-opener and I vowed to turn my life around, so I started left that crazy world behind and started building my own niche, passion-focused products while travelling the world and living my life to the fullest. 🧐 Why Gravity? Gravity is a solution to my own problem: I was wasting weeks of time writing code that was shared across almost every SaaS application when I should have been writing features that would make money. I created a template that would enable me to deploy and monetise new SaaS applications at warp speed, and then made it available to the rest of the community. 🚀 Traction I currently have 138 amazing customers who have been supportive and understanding from day one, I charge $397 for the full product plan which contains all of the features and I also offer bespoke customisation. 😎 Features ✅ Subscription Payments ✅ User interface kit ✅ Users & authentication ✅ User permissions and access control ✅ Email Notifications ✅ Homepage with pricing ✅ Rest API ✅ Internal dashboard and metrics ✅ T&Cs and GDPR-compliant privacy pages 🎁 Gift to Hunters I’d love to offer all hunters 10% discount. Just enter PHUNT%10 at checkout :-) Thank you! 🙏🏻
@kylegawley Hey Kyle, this looks great. What are the pre-requisites for someone who is just little bit familiar with coding?
@jitsalunke Thanks Jit! You would need some prior experience in Javascript and working with a Node.js project to benefit from it. Although, it could be a good way to learn/improve your skills by working on a pre-built application.
@kylegawley Got it! Thanks Kyle :)

Has saved me months of work!


Rapid development, beautiful code examples and killer support. Everything worked "out of the box" and has been easy to build on top of


No cons! I have not found a better alternative for a boilerplate with node.js, Stripe, MailGun, MySQL, account mgmt, dashboard, and sweet UI

I recently (two weeks ago, I think?) bought this. There's not much else out there that's similar - Laravel Spark is the only other one I'm aware of. My initial contact with Kyle to ask questions was extremely positive, and having previously tried to do a lot of this myself (e.g. django-djaodin) I knew I didn't want to do all that again. So, I'm about a week into the build, and I have this specific idea I'm implementing. Gravity has allowed me to focus pretty much entirely on that idea. I think I have another two weeks more to build, and then I'll be in a position where I can launch, with something that has valuable (I think/hope!) functionality that I can test out with users. That's absolutely perfect, and exactly the reason I wanted Gravity. I bumped into a couple of issues, Kyle's support has been brilliant. Also, his feedback has unintentionally steered me in better directions too.
@alex_hudson Thank you Alex. I really appreciate your support 🙏
This looks brilliant. Quick question - Does the UI kit mean user’s don’t need a designer, or is a designer required to put it together?
@carolinepixels Hey Caroline – the idea is that the UI kit will remove the need for a designer. You can literally just copy and paste the UI components from the library into your application and all the styling is in place. I’m currently working on a big update for the front-end which will use React so implementing UI components will be even easier! :-)
@carolinepixels design is my biggest weakness, and Kyle put lots of examples in the docs and in the codebase itself to do most of what I was thinking of trying. I had to learn about how gulp, scss works to be more effective, but Kyle helped me through that as well. That meant I could make a few small changes to the scss files and basically reskin my entire site.
@dave_young thanks for your point of view. I was keen to know how flexible the product was for reskinning or editing styles... so you answered it perfectly!
@kylegawley that sounds excellent. I'll keep any eye out for updates!
This looks great Kyle, nice work. Curious about future plans - are there any other integrations you're planning?
@monro Thanks Rick! Yes, I'm working on a big update to the front-end UI at the moment which will be rebuilt using React :-)