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Grapedrop is a single page builder; web pages made simple.

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Hi guys! I'm really excited to announce a product I've been building on and off since the last period. Grapedrop is a single page builder which allows you to create quickly web pages for your landing pages, products and more. The project is based on GrapesJS (, an open source, web builder framework I've created years ago and still trying to maintain. So this is also kind of a litmus test for what I've been creating so far, but there is still more yet to come. The goal I'd like to reach with Grapedrop is to make the creation of web projects easy for everyone, with no coding skill required, but, at the same time, output a high-quality production ready result. I know I'm not the only one with such a purpose but I think we're still far from it, so if you have any kind of suggestion, I'd really appreciate to hear it :) The free tier offers also a lot feature that you hardly find in other similar projects (full feature editor, forms, code export, custom code, etc.). Grapedrop is now in beta and it's a really early product with a plenty of room for improvement, but if you like it and believe in this project the Premium plan is kind of an "investment" (with a LIFETIME Beta Discount) which would help me to make it better.
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Nice upgrade to the GrapeJS experience, congrats. 👏 Some things I miss: – Ability to add custom made blocks or even complete templates, – Export/import HTML for further edits (GrapeJS already has this and it's a great advantage over Webflow), – Multilingual UI. Overall, I enjoyed playing with the tool. It feels like a more streamlined version of Webflow.
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Thank you very much @marcio_duarte I really appreciate your feedback and took note of your requests, but for `Multilingual UI` what do you mean exactly, the editor itself in different languages?
@artur_arseniev Yeah, I mean the ability to select other languages for the editor. This would help a lot with clients that don't understand English very well.
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@marcio_duarte sure, thanks again 👍
This is great, well done! Are you on Twitter? I'd like to follow your progress with this.
Thanks @colmtuite for the product itself you can follow its progress here: For the editor instead
@artur_arseniev Are you on Twitter? I couldn't find you earlier. I'd like to follow you to hear your thoughts on this stuff in general.
Sure but to be honest, I'm not a big fan of social networks at all, so I rarely post, tweet, etc. on my own
Looks good haven't tested it much but it's pretty much like webflow. My problem is that the light font used across the site and the editor is VERY hard to see and I have to squint all the time. Can you please change it to a regular weight font? Also, I think there's no way to upload custom fonts at the moment, is there?
Looks fantastic. Nice work. Ability to have the editor in different languages would be nice.