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Thomas Chrétien
Thomas ChrétienHunter@tchret ·
@chetaaron is making a huge curation work destined to students: "the goal is to provide resources for anything from the practicalities of creating resumes/portfolios to picking up supplemental skills or even just how to manage work-life balance" love the teamtreehouse style 🌳
Chet Callahan
Chet Callahan@chetaaron · Creative Lead
@tchret Thanks for the hunt! Hello Product Hunters! A little about the motivation behind GradStash. I've been enjoying all of the curated stacks and stashes that have been featured on Product Hunt lately and felt inspired to curate one of my own for college graduates. My thought process behind GradStash was that students all receive a welcome packet on their first day to help manage university life but once they graduate they are more or less on their own in finding their way. Wouldn't it be great to be similarly handed a "welcome to life" packet with that diploma?! My hope is that graduates from any field can find the resources useful though I did bias it towards business grads as they typically graduate with fewer hard skills and a less defined career path than many other areas of study. From joining a corporation in any number of industries to launching your own startup there are quite a few paths to choose from, most of which are riddled with obstacles their degree came no where near preparing them for. With resources on creating beautiful resumes and personal sites, picking up supplemental skills (design, coding, presenting) or even simply how to manage work-life balance or personal expenses my goal is for GradStash to fill a few of those gaps that the curriculum didn't have the time or competency to cover. Would love to continue filling the directory so please don't hesitate to submit resources and tools I missed!
Wilsar™@callmewilsar · Founder -
I love the design of the site. It's simple and beautiful :)
Chet Callahan
Chet Callahan@chetaaron · Creative Lead
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec@mrcalexandre · Front End Dev & Growth Intern @ Monday
Great work @chetaaron ! Beautiful design. As a college student, your project will be very useful for me.
Chet Callahan
Chet Callahan@chetaaron · Creative Lead
@mrcalexandre Awesome! Appreciate the kind words :)