Grab Digital

Unlimited branded, ready-to-send emails at $499 per month

Grab Digital crafts unlimited custom emails based on your needs. Simply request an email, and we write, design, and implement it into your email service provider. Ready-to-send.
Unlimited free revisions. No-risk money back guarantee.
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Grab Digital is essentially an email genie with unlimited wishes. Super convenient tool/service for startups, business owners, and agencies who don't have the time nor budget to hire an email marketing agency to craft their emails.
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You guys have consistently delivered quality for my emails. Happy I'm not paying $10k per month for an agency.
@chelsea_turgeon $10k/month!? Dayum.
@chelsea_turgeon @new_user_1810f109da Yeah, some agencies can be incredibly steep... That's a huge reason Grab Digital was created!
Very neat idea, congratulations! Do you plan to post updates somewhere on your progress?
@eliesing Thanks for your comment, Elies. For now, we're going to be tracking all our progress and then formulating it into a blog post probably via Reddit or email. We'll definitely share our progress though!
@grabdigital Awesome, thanks for your reply Jasper. Will be glad to check the blog post once it's published!
@eliesing Thank you! I'll be sure to send it to you once we have the data :)
This looks super promising. Could you tell me a little bit more about how the onboarding process works?
@da_yeon_chung Sure! It's a short questionnaire that asks you about your brand style, email service provider, and goals. Takes about 10 minutes to complete, and it's a one-time thing. We take all your answers and use them as the foundation on which we'll create all your emails.
Can't believe you managed to pull this off! Kudos.
@dingzhong_hu Thank you so much!