The password manager built just for Google users

I don't really understand what they mean by "Built for Google" other than "we use Google login"
@ow It's a messaging trick to make you think it was built *by* Google ;)
@ajsharp @ow got me, until I saw this very handy top comment. 🙄
@ow It worked. They did make me think it was made by Google (which it looks and sounds like a Google product). Product design --> Build amazing products. Don't be dishonest to your users.
@ajsharp @ow this is the only logical answer
I feel like this is a pending Cease and Desist from Google for saying "for Google" (implying that Google asked them to build the product) and a potentially unauthorized use of Google's logo. From the outside, it also appears to just be a reskin of their other product:
@slowlight agreed, I find this site to be intentionally confusing for a myriad of reasons. This is a very unchill way to market a product that demands so much trust.
@slowlight Actually no it's not a reskin or rebrand of SplashID at all. It's a completely new product. It is built on the TeamsID platform. Basically if you're an individual Google user, you can use Gpass. If you're a business, organization, or family using G Suite / Google Apps for Work, you can use TeamsID (
Pretty sure you can't just use the Google logo in your product logo, surely this is obvious, unless it's intentional like I suspect, considering "For Google" And the site looks like a Google design. It may be a good product, but you're trying to trick people thinking it's made by Google.
The trick they're trying to pull (making you think this is made *by* google) is so sleazy and amateur. I wouldn't give these guys an email address, let alone my passwords. Be careful with this; passwords are serious business, leave it to the pros (1Password).
I like how it auto-suggests icons as you start typing
@nivo0o0 Glad you liked it :) We use the API. It needs some improvement though. And, thanks for the gif!
@nivo0o0 We would like to setup first 1000 Gpass users coming from Product Hunt with a promo. I've seen other apps do this - can you please tell me the best way to set it up? Thanks!