Gimbal-like stabilization–without the gimbal. Tough as nails and waterproof down to 33ft (10m). Say one of 16 commands, including “GoPro, take a photo” or “That was sick” to tag an epic video. Makes shots look amazing automatically with HDR, local tone mapping and noise reduction—in any light.

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One of the big selling points in this new model is how smoooooth it is. Here's a comparison between the previous model (on the left) and the new GoPro Hero 7 (on the right):
@rrhoover Very glad of the new 7 model))) with my selfie screen it's just an amazing thing for the stream
I'm excited to see if they made any microphone/external mic fixes. The hero 6 has terrible audio when handling the camera. I get that GoPro might not be focused on this but I truly think it would be used a lot more if it had a decent mic set up.
@narcsat owns a !Hero3, I purchased in 2012. It's a sick fisheye. (Fixed lens)
This looks awesome.