GoPro Hero5 Session

The best activity camera, only smaller

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Joshua Dance
Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
TLDR: Voice Control (GoPro start recording), smaller, 4k, video stabilization.
kleerkoatMechanical Designer
been trying to decide between this and the full size. can't imagine actually editing with the screen but i guess it's nice to check the camera is setup right?
@kleerkoat You can check via wifi and the GoPro App with the Session.
do you guys think Hero 4 Session will get a price drop?
Sam ThompsonProduct/Sales GM, newrow_
My first GoPro and I love it. I have some issues when connecting it to my phone via the Capture app but not sure what's at fault - GoPro, GoPro app or my phone. I use it to record family stuff and surfing. Takes some getting used to filming without knowing what you're looking at, but quality is awesome. Plenty of modes to work with. Size is unreal (small)