Google Stackdriver Error Reporting

Aggregates and displays errors produced by cloud services

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Real-time Exception Monitoring and Alerting

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Steren Giannini
Steren GianniniMaker@steren
I am Product Manager on the Google Cloud Platform. Your feedback on the new feature is welcome.
Jens Segers
Jens Segers@jenssegers · Founder, Auki
@steren Any insights on future pricing?
Ryan Marr
Ryan Marr@ryanmarr · Product Manager, FreshBooks
@steren how do features compare with New Relic? APM / Browser / Server?
Steren Giannini
Steren GianniniMaker@steren
@jenssegers the final pricing is still to be defined. What I can say is that basic features will stay free of charge.
Steren Giannini
Steren GianniniMaker@steren
@ryanmarr Stackdriver Error Reporting is focused on server-side application errors and helping you understand them (not only to monitor them). Stackdriver Monitoring ( is a feature of the same suite that allows you to track and alert on many more signals, check it out.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Joyjeet Sarkar
Joyjeet Sarkar@joy014 · CTO, Mindscroll Learning Platform
Azure support? Ok, if no, then say a generic Ubuntu agent like newrelic agent would be super cool.
Steren Giannini
Steren GianniniMaker@steren
Stackdriver Error Reporting is now generally available on App Engine standard environment—no setup required. Which means it works out of the box for your Java, Python, Go, and PHP applications. https://cloudplatform.googleblog...