Google's Star Wars

Choose your side of the Force to transform your Google

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This is some intricate marketing. I forgot I switched to the dark side this morning and when I went to watch a YouTube video, the progress bar shined red and made lightsaber noise on hover. Well played, Google.
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@rrhoover I noticed the same. This kind of marketing has got to be on par with Coke placing peoples names on their bottles!
@rrhoover is the lightsaber noise supposed to be always-on when playing a video on YouTube? kind of annoying
@wwr228 I think so. It gets old after the first few times. 😊
Choose your side and transform your google apps experience accordingly. Youtube player looks awesome. Choose wisely and join the dark side. We have cookies.
Too bad, doesn't work on Google Work accounts, just like Google Inbox. Missing out on all the fun parts. =(
@david_hoogland I was coming to complain about the same thing. PS: Inbox works now, loving it!
@clarklab Ow really!? Cool gonna try now! Thanks!
@david_hoogland yeah kinda gutted on that failure to make paid accounts awesome...
Cool. In Google Maps (mobile app at least) Home and Work show up as a Star Destroyer and an Imperial Shuttle respectively.
I had a strong inclination towards the dark side but when I chose it and viewed my Gmail, I realized I belonged on the light side. I love the Gmail screen loading progress sabers!