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The app looks fresh. I'm curious what news sites or apps people use today. 🤔 Plug: We're experimenting with our own take on tech news with Sip, which will soon be available on the web and more community-driven.
@rrhoover Rely on The Times and The Guardian apps to get accurate news, Twitter for more live content. Started using News after watching io18, seems good.
@rrhoover I really enjoy TC new app
@rrhoover I use Flipboard and my app, WonderSwipe

Curious if this is another example of group think... If it's looking at what my friends do and what I typically do then it'll reinforce that behaviour and I won't learn anything new or have a chance to thin outside of my own sphere of influence. So that's what I question about these types of things - even though I like them (because I'm designed to)


Slick, Seems relevant


It's no SIP :D

Powered by AI = censorship and control of the narrative by AI
Google is really stepping up their game this year
Hey Guys, just wanted to ask. The promo shows the content related to US market only. But what is the situation for India or south asian countries ? Would we be witnessing top sources in the application of our respective regions?
@vsvivek93 I think it will work on Indian sources as well or they might introduce sooner or later. I recently launched a news site similar to Google news just in case you are interested.
@vsvivek93 I am sure Google India team is on top of this, especially with the Indian news media collaborations.