Google Maps Space

Space out with planets in Google Maps

#5 Product of the DayOctober 18, 2017

Space out to the moons and back! With 12 new planets and moons to explore, the google maps galaxy just got bigger

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14 Reviews5.0/5

Turns out the Google Maps interaction is a great way of looking at places generally and they’ve embraced this. Everyone knows how to use it so there’s no learning curve. Love it.


A great example of using a platform's capabilities for more than it was initially designed for.


Could do with a simpler URL maybe?


This will be a great learning too for kids and so much fun for everyone.


See actual planets and moons up close and personal


Productivity will be down for the day

I worked in the US for a year at a consulting firm and we often had to make maps using Google Earth as a reference... but man so many hours wasted looking at cool stuff in national parks and planets 🙄
"We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters."🚗 - Peter Thiel 🌌-"Now we have the galaxy in our pocket (Not Samsung) "- DreDurr How do you like dem apples 🍎 DOPE🚬🚬🚬
I'm so excited about this!
I saw this a few days back too and instantly fell in love with it! There's a lot to learn with this tool.