Google Invisible reCAPTCHA

Protects your website from spam and abuse

#4 Product of the WeekMarch 09, 2017
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The animations on the video are sooo damn cute
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Awesome - much needed! Especially when you get asked 3 times to select images of houses/sign-posts/store-fronts over and over. Can't wait for that to be a thing of the past. ^
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@david_west invisible is the best UX :)
@leonelmore So is anti-repetition 😊
@david_west exactly, that was also my first thought! :) of course, I'll be missing these lovely houses, stores and other examples of architectural solutions, but this invisible reCaptcha is the best option Google ever suggested
oops my bad, looks like u have already added that!
But how does it work?
@blakefosdick I think it works by, "a combination of machine learning and advanced risk-analysis that adapt to emerging threats"
Google Webmaster just announced the official launch of Invisible reCAPTCHA yesterday ! reCAPTCHA protects your site against spam and other types of automated abuse.