Google Earth VR

Walk the earth in VR

#3 Product of the DayNovember 16, 2016



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Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Google just announced YouTube VR last week. This makes me think about how Google Earth might evolve, to become (or perhaps power) Second Life-like experiences with real-world locations and data.
Chris Messina@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@rrhoover ready Player One?
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@chrismessina Oasis!
Brian Rose
@brianrose · 🙋‍♂️ at Area 120
@rrhoover @chrismessina Or the Metaverse!
Adrian Sule@adrian_sule · UX/UI Designer,
@chrismessina @rrhoover hahaha awesome connotation
Jamie McIntyre@jamie_mci · Founder, Rewire Capital
@rrhoover Excited to try it with this
Rami Habal@rhabal · entrepreneur
@rrhoover How is this not getting 10x the number of votes? ;)
Chris Gallello@cgallello · Founder @
@rrhoover Unfortunately the resolution's not good enough to have social experiences in actual locations - they disable full scale mode by default because it usually looks like a jumbled mesh/mess at full scale :( Someday hopefully soon though!
Matt Gardner@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder,
The fact that this isn't on Daydream VR irks me.
Duygu Keskek@duygu_keskek · Co-Founder of Yoloo
The evolution of Google Earth both freaks me out and makes me more excited at the same time !
Joshua Pinter@joshuapinter · Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
This is getting cooler and cooler. Why move our bodies when we can just move our minds.
Maxim Ananov@pointum · Distraction Dimmer •
Wow, I've just tried it. It's crazy how detailed it is. Feels like SimCity VR. Quite surprised there's no Search option in a Google app.