Google Clips

A new way to capture big moments and little ones, too.

Google Clips is Google's first action camera.

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This feels a bit.. Black Mirror..
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Has anyone read The Circle? Huh.
@joshlewis That was my first thought too haha
@joshlewis Came here to say this.
I read battery life was 3 hours? That seems short. I like this category of portable/wearable cameras (the much smaller wearable Narrative Clip seems the inspiration) but I wouldn't want to see a failed effort by Google scare away other manufacturers from putting out better efforts. Also the price seems high.
@chuckkahn 3hr battery life for continuous capture standby time is much more
@ejameswill @chuckkahn Better than GoPro's battery life, which is the biggest pain point for consumers.
@ejameswill @beatriz_miravete I wouldn't have thought of the Google Clip as belonging to the same category of device as GoPro. GoPro = action camera, Google Clip = life blogging camera like Narrative Clip, which even has a similar name, only it came out in 2014 and has a longer lasting battery.
Nice Hunt. Holy Crap. This might shake things up. If Samsung and Google and Facebook can make their own cameras, maybe this might encourage Apple to make their own cameras too?
@brucekraftjr At $250? I doubt it. Also, Apple already has their own camera - the iPhone.
@hayden_evans the same can literally be said for every other smart phone manufacturer lol (specifically Google & Samsung since they make hardware, just like Apple ...)
@brucekraftjr That's kind of my point. As in, I don't think this will really "shake things up" as most people already own phones with better cameras and will likely just use those.
Love the AI part, but will wait for reviews to see the picture quality. Also, just found out that it has Intel's Movidius Myriad 2 VPU.