Google Cast

Cast your favorite tunes from any device to your speakers

no Spotify support?
@nealrs unfortunately not :'(
With Cast and Chromecast, Google is turning output devices into simple interfaces that are "supercharged" with the computing power offered by smartphones and tablets. These output devices can last years but not fall significantly behind the curve given most US smartphone users upgrade roughly every 18-24 mos. Not surprised Spotify has yet to sign on given that Google is attempting to compete in the streaming business
@santoshsankar I've stopped using xbmc and squeezebox completely since purchasing a chromecast. I've also subscribed to services supported by chromecast since buying into the ecosystem, specifically netflix which I wouldn't have used previously. This seems to be par for the course in my social circles. Unless Spotify is making a hardware play, it would be silly for them not to jump on the "cast" bandwagon, a streaming service like Spotify thrives by being available on every platform, not by selectively choosing platforms based on their competition.
I honestly cannot remember the span of products that Apple and Google compete on and which ones (like Cast) that are missing from their portfolios. Is there a good comparison chart anywhere?
Awesome. Hope to play with ideas running on this platform soon.