Google's answer to Apples ARKit

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So only a fraction of 13% of all current operating Android devices will be able to run this at this point in time. Unfortunately for Google, this is just one of those cases where a more homogenous platform of hardware and software is advantageous. 75% of iOS devices will be able to run apps that implement ARKit within a couple of months of iOS 11's release - around 60% of that just within a couple of days if you look at last year's adoption rates of iOS 10.
It's awesome to see the research from Tango paying off! Looking forward to AR for more Android devices 🎉
Currently supports the Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Samsung’s Galaxy S8, and Samsung’s Galaxy S8+. Android 7.0 Nougat or above is required. In the words of Yen, "Where the &%$@ you been?!"
@kristofertm Ugh, not even the Nexus 6P.. 😬
Looks like someone is already working on the @madewithARCore twitter account...
So glad to see this come up as well. Just starting to dive in with ARKit and this has come around. A little disappointed with the limited support in terms of devices but assuming that is because of processor dependencies.