Google Allo for Web

Chat on your computer with Allo

Google Allo for Web is a web app that enables Google Allo users to chat with their friends on the computer. This is available only on Google Chrome and is available only for Android users currently.

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Finally, but no one I know uses it anyway >.<
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If a tree falls in the woods...
This is cool, but only works in Chrome? Man... works in every browser, Facebook Messenger exists for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Windows Phone (when it was a thing). It has Text, Voice, Video, Payments, Groups, Emoji, Gifs and Bots... you name it. @facebook really does rule this space from a "works everywhere" perspective. Why?... Unlike Apple, Google, or Microsoft they don't own a platform or a browser. Thank goodness.
@facebook @gollyjer so does Telegram.
@facebook @arunsathiya Yes, but everybody has facebook. Once you show a family member or friend how easy it is they pretty much give up competing products. I've even moved people off Venmo once they realized Messenger does the same thing but they don't have to drag people over to create an account... because odds are they already have a facebook account. Caveat... people who love to old-school-text are impossible to move to anything else. :-D
@facebook @gollyjer I absolutely get your point. :)
@facebook @gollyjer I don't use Messenger because of privacy concerns with the amount of access it needs, along with Facebook's history. So when I'm mobile, I am completely disconnected from FB Messenger, since they don't allow it in mobile browsers anymore.
@facebook @gollyjer @morgan_crozier Wait. It's still available on mobile web?
Google Allo is now available on the web! ๐ŸŽ‰
@amslu Allo for Web only runs in Chrome.
@laef isn't that true about iMessage/iCloud in Safari too?
@laef @chrismessina Does that mean it's okay?
@laef @andreasbackx wasn't suggesting it was, only that it appears to be a trend.