Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

A children's book that reinvents fairy tales inspiring girls

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Telling kids stories is important, stories that they can identify themselves is simply genius. I loved this project from the very beginning and it's great to see that it has enough funding already. I think everyone needs to check it out :-)
Thank you for sharing Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls. This is a collaborative project, so if you know of great artists or stories we should include in the book, please let me know!
@efavilli Wow yes! I do have all my female heroes from tech world. Would love to see one more story about Ada Lovelace in the lines of "The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage":
@efavilli The artist is @sydneypadua :-) now other characters I miss are Mary the Jewess (or the Prophetissa) - the first alchemist in the world, Hedy Lamarr - actress and invetor, considered the wireless mother, and Margaret Hamilton, director of Apollo Flight Computer Programming:
@aleattorium Absolutely! We love Ada Lovelace too and will definitely include her in the book!
@efavilli Haha, maybe we need a book only for tech super heroes
@aleattorium @sydneypadua We're going to include Margaret Hamilton for sure, didn't know about the others that you mentioned. Thanks for bringing them up!
Great project!! Can't wait to read the stories with my girls. Way to go Timbuktu team!!
This is an amazing project, helps writing the story of a better society from the beginning, teaching equality to the new generations. The kind of education we need!
Very cool concept! Loved the video describing the genesis behind this project. I'm happy to back this project so I can read these stories to my little 10-month baby girl!
@julian_martinez Thank you so much Julian! It's great to hear this!
@efavilli just received our books a few weeks ago! Love the quality! Wanting to buy more for Xmas gifts for my ltitle nieces - if I buy more now, will they arrive by xmas?