GoLinks for Enterprise

Intuitive short links for every internal URL at your company

Short links for your company's internal URLs. GoLinks for Enterprise gives organizations expanded control of their GoLinks instance and offers features such as organizational policies, Identity management (SSO), company identity branding, and deep usage analytics.
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Jorge Zamora
Founder of golinks.io
Hi Product Hunt! We built GoLinks for Enterprise to make it easy for companies to create short links for all their internal company URLs. On average, we're able to integrate and deploy go/links to the entire company within a few minutes with features like Single Sign On (SSO), Organizational policies, advance analytics, access from anywhere (no VPN required), and company branding to make it feel like home. If you are not familiar with go/links, these internal short link systems have been a standard for productivity boost within companies like Google, Yahoo, Linkedin, Twitter, and Airbnb for years. We're the first company building this as a service for everyone else and GoLinks Enterprise focuses on company integrations. We're really excited to launch GoLinks Enterprise and start bringing go/links to companies all over the world. If you’ve ever used our GoLinks or any companies golink system, let us know how it’s changed your daily workflow. Thanks for reading and we appreciate the feedback!
@mrjorgezamora Love GoLinks, wish we had this when I was at Uber!
Alex Bouaziz
Deel, MIT, Technion
Congrats on the launch!!!
Danie LynchHighly effective management skills
David KleinGrowth and such
I just started using this last week, and really makes things easy for onboarding / company documentation / etc
Congrats! Just signed up! Love this product, easy onboarding flow.
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