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What makes this better than any of the other remote jobs websites?
@bentossell Hi! What makes Go Remote Jobs better than the other remote job websites, is that the focus is on making it easy on the user. We've put a lot of extra work into ensuring there are no fees to search for jobs, the searching is as easy as possible, and that we have an expressive site search with more to come! Some future updates (because Go Remote Jobs is only about a month old) that are going to be coming, are going to include an email "matchmaker" to pair you with the best jobs and advanced search filtering to do things such as narrowing the listings you see to only jobs with 6 digits. I hope you enjoy!
Said it on HN, will say it again here: Before I can even view the site, a pop up prompts me for my email! Until you provide some value (or I can at least see the site), then I'm a lot less inclined to give out my email. Are you trying to optimize for email sign ups or people actually using the site? If it's the second one, get rid of the email modal or delay it until I've read at least one part of your site.
@tomfme Hey! I was actually just implementing it! I wasn't aware it was popping up so early. I now have it set to 30 seconds and limited to once per user per day. Thanks so much for your feedback! :D
Anotha one...
@markus_schuette Hey! Sometimes you have to do it yourself if you want to do it right ;) .
Simple UI that delivers the good straight up ! Love it.
@samir_doshi Thanks so much! I'm so grateful for the feedback!