Gmail Sender Icons

Know the sender's company by adding favicons to Gmail

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Nice idea! But I would better use Inbox, Gmail is outdated and looks clunky…
I think this is great and am giving it a try as we speak! One question — do you have plans for implementing options, like being able to hide the text portion of the label and just show the favicon — or vice-versa? I already use Gmail's native labels extensively to try to tame the influx of brand emails I receive and it starts to become a bit long-winded/semi-redundant to have two labels both spelling out the sender's brand name. Either way, well done & thanks!
@mikelikebike Thank you Mike for the good suggestion.
@rahulmfg Thank you Rahul for putting the Gmail addon on PH.
@mikelikebike The latest version of Gmail Sender Icons now give you an option to toggle the display of domain name and sender favicon. Give it a try.
Looks good. But Inbox by Google is much better
Maybe I'm paranoid but I always wonder about giving extensions access to my inbox permissions etc.
@joshdance This runs in your browser and not a byte of your data is accessible outside. In fact, you can look at the JavaScript.
Thank you for all the great feedback. I've pushed a new version that lets you toggle the display of domain name and favicon of emails senders inside Gmail. Here's how to access the new option.
@labnol Fantastic! Thanks for the update!