Gmail Actions

Interact with other products/services from the Gmail Inbox

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This has been around since May 2013, but I think it's an incredible email innovation. I love how you can take action on an email's contents by simply clicking a button in the email's subject line.
I wrote about Gmail Actions when it first released in a piece titled Email as an Interface: This has tremendous potential but IMHO, its biggest challenge is changing user's email behavior. I'm waiting for Google to add this to its mobile app where (I think) people are more willing to adapt to new interfaces than on the desktop.
Nice post. I agree that the main innovation here is the interface. Interesting point about mobile. If only the mobile app were fast (I find it way too slow on iOS, so I rarely use it). Mac's desktop Mail app has actually had something similar for years for shipment tracking numbers. I think track shipments is a great use case for this type of technology, and introducing it can help with the adoption issue.