Test where your email will appear: Inbox or Spam

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G-Lock Software
G-Lock Software@glocksoft · CTO, GLOCKSOFT
Pumped to launch on ProductHunt today! We know how annoying it is to send a marketing email out and have only 20% of your recipients open it, chances are your emails are winding up in spam. We built this tool to help everyone figure out if that's the case and fix the underlying issue. We are giving out free 20 tests to anyone who needs to test where their email winds up and fix any issues. Would love to hear any feedback you have!
Alex Ladyga
Alex LadygaMaker@neocoder · Developer, G-Lock Software
Hey, one of developers of GlockApps here! Here's a tip for startups which at the begining tend to use free tiers of popular delivery services like Mailgun, Mandrill or Amazon SES. These services usually don't mention this, but sending servers for free tiers usually have bad reputation. So part of you emails may end up in spam folder just because of that fact. Even if you just sending a simple welcome email which passes all content filters it can still end up in the spam folder. GlockApps spam check tool sends your email through those three mentioned services and shows you the comparison report.
Dmitry Dragilev
Dmitry DragilevHunter@dragilev · Founder @
Been testing this with my emails, pretty useful to see if my emails go to spam. I built a blog to $100K this year and email has been the only way I've grown it, so it's crazy important to me: Question for Glockapps guys or anybody who has experience with this: Does it have any difference on delivery rate to Inbox vs Spam which service I use to send emails? Aweber or Mailchimp or ConstantContact? No difference at all? It's all in the content? Second question - if I do see a large % of my emails winding up in spam, what do I do? What should be my plan of action?
G-Lock Software
G-Lock Software@glocksoft · CTO, GLOCKSOFT
Yes, it makes a difference which service you use to send emails. One service may have delivery problems when you are sending emails, another may not have any delivery issues. And GLockApps helps identify these problems. If you see a large % of your emails winding up in spam, check the SpamAssassin report and fix the issues that add spam points to the message. Then test the message again. If it is still delivered to the Spam folder, play with the subject and content. Change your subject line and test. If it's still spam, remove the link. Test again. Still spam? Remove the image, re-write your content. Test again. If the changes to the message content do not help get the emails delivered to the Inbox, change the email service provider or SMTP server.