Global Website Speed Test

Test website load speed from 18 cities, including 3 in China

Test your website's speed across 18 locations at once. With 3 locations added for China, you can now see how fast (or slow) your site loads for China's 800 million internet users. For more detailed insights, dig into Chinafy's full suite of free performance tools.
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Hi makers, Excited to share this free tool to test your website’s speed from around the world. ⏱️Test your site from 18 locations at once, and for free. 👓 Inspect your waterfall to understand your resources 🇨🇳Better understand how fast (or slow) your website is in China, compared to your website elsewhere. 📱Mobile Responsive Version for you to test anywhere, anytime. There are many speed tools out there, but the inspiration for this specific Website Speed test (and our other tools), came from China, and the degree to which foreign sites don’t work there. While Speed is one aspect of performance in China, Compatibility (more on this separately) is actually a much bigger issue. On the surface of compatibility, if you look at the Page Size, and # of Resources columns, you can find that time-and-again, sites - while slower in China - often fail to load up to half of their resources. It’s pretty crazy to think that a typical global website only works up to 60/70% in China whether it’s accessed directly, or indirectly via WeChat. In any event, this transparency is important when working with companies and this is our first, in a series of tools that help to hopefully better understand this technological gap (and unearth some hopefully fun, and interesting results on the way!). China is the world’s 2nd largest economy and yet largely untapped by global businesses - possibly because it’s just so hard to understand. We’d love any feedback on this, or suggestions on how we can help provide more visibility on this front. Play around and let us know your results :) What are some of the coolest (or scariest!) results you come across? Enjoy! Jodie
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Finally a tool for testing websites in China. Awesome.
@rumjahn Thanks Keith! Glad you think so - happy testing! 🙌
Didnt knew that chinese firewalls can slow down the website by 5-6 times. Will surely use this site more to test. Great tool.
@evivz it's pretty crazy. On top of it being 5-6 slower, only about 70% of the page (or resources, more specifically) actually load successfully. It's a huge technological gap that we're trying to shrink. Any further thoughts appreciated.
I tried and it showed up as 50+ secs, or < 10 secs and only 20% successful 😂😂😂 , maybe they'll use it one day?
The chinese firewall sucks but this makes website testing on the other side so much better!
@justin_tan1 yeah, it's tough finding a workaround. We're trying to make it much easier to test. Did you try our other tools like the Resource test?