Glitch for Platforms

Tools to measure and improve developer adoption of your API.

Glitch for Platforms is the tools you need to measure and improve developer adoption of your API.

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16 Reviews5.0/5
If you have an API, and want to make it easy as heck for people to try it, Glitch for Platforms is a fantastic solution. We've been using it at Wistia ( to help folks get started with our Player API and such, and love it. (Not to mention using it in our own prototyping and troubleshooting, which it's also excellent for!)
@mrdavidjcole Thanks for the kind words Dave! We created Glitch for Platforms because Developer Relations is such a vital part in helping people work with and succeed with APIs, but so much of the industry still treats it like an afterthought. Thankfully, innovative companies like Slack, Facebook, Botkit, Algolia and of course, Wistia, are using our range of tools that help everyone who does Dev Rel.
The Algolia DevRel team is super excited for Glitch! There isn't a place in our dev funnel we haven't thought about using it yet. Big props to the Glitch team who has consistently impressed us with how fast they're building product and how attentive they are to our requests. The bar for great API developer experience is about to leap forward.
Huge fan of Glitch, super interesting product, wonderful vibe and so much value for anyone who wants to code, or those of us who hate dev environments.
@inthecompanyof Thanks Ben, great to hear you like it. It means a lot.

It was love at first site.

Glitch really is an amazing place to build, prototype, and learn. It is extremely powerful despite the retro feel. Don't be fooled, it can probably do what you want it to do, and then some.

I am excited to keep learning and building out projects on Glitch. I hope others can too.


Incredibly fast prototyping and learning


Nothing comes to mind

I <3 Glitch - so useful. Congrats on the launch!