One click dev environment for GitHub

Whether you just want to fix a bug, have code to review or feel like trying something new on GitHub, Gitpod beams you right into a ready-to-code dev environment with a single click 🖱️✨

Try it out by prefixing any GitHub URL with

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5 Reviews5.0/5

GitPod is in it's early stages and it does a lot of things better than other mature IDEs.


I love everything about GitPod. It takes the idea of using a cloud IDE, git version control, and just makes it work without hassle.


I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of a con and I can't think of any.

Hey there 👋, Gitpod is a online IDE which provides you a fully working dev environment within seconds. Because it is based on open-source software like VS Code, Docker and Kubernetes, it is familiar, comprehensive, extensible, and easy to use. Thanks to the deep GitHub integration, Gitpod allows you to comment inline in editors, raise, approve, and merge pull requests. It provides an automend setup, as well as tools for sharing. Basically, Gitpod contains your entire dev workflow in a browser tab. That means: less time waiting and configuring, more time working and coding. And the best of all: it’s free for open-source ❤️ Just try it out by prefixing any GitHub URL with Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you 🙌
@christin_frohne Using it! Timesaver. Nice product. Maybe Github will approve native integration. because sometimes i'm login from different PC. and cannot add chrome ex.
@arthur_tkachenko we love to hear that you find Gitpod useful. It is rather unlikely that GitHub will approve Gitpod as a native integration. But we will see :) Until then you can prefix any GitHub URL with
@christin_frohne yeah, i know about prefix. Just want to have more native-like way. anyway - big projects using your tool, we are using it too and really like how it make my life easy - because i review code of our developers each day
You should build this as a Visual Studio Code Extension it would be great since that's my primary development enviroment.
@carlosalba3 Gitpod provides full linux machines in the cloud. Not sure how that could be done as a VS Code extension. But we made sure that VS Code users feel right at home and can reuse all the settings and launch configs. So switching back and forth between desktop with Vs Code and cloud with Gitpod is a supported work mode.
@carlosalba3 @sven_efftinge managed to pull off a browser based VSCode and it's open source. Might be a good optional setting for gitpod to adopt.
@mentallyretire Thanks for the suggestion! Gitpod already uses an open-source browser-based version of VS Code: Its core was even rethought for the cloud, so that all VS Code's desktop features also work the same way in your browser. For example, it will soon support all VS Code Extensions out-of-the-box. We think that's pretty cool :)