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Currently on GitHub, you can't specify the language for the daily trending emails so I built Gitly. Gitly sends you what's trending for a specific language, e.g. Ruby or Objective-C etc. Here's an example of what you could expect to receive — Hope you like it and I'd love your feedback.
I love the simplicity of this and as some of you know, I'm a big fan of email-based products. :) @bkenny - why do you think most people subscribe to the email?
@rrhoover Thanks so much! Really appreciate it. I'm an avid contributor to open source and love to give back. When developing apps I love to stay up to date with what's being built. I hope Gitly helps to give users a daily feed for what's trending for specific languages. For example I'm only interested in Ruby and Objective-C
It's kind of like a mini-Product Hunt, focused on what's hot in open source. @bkenny - What are your plans with the project?
@rrhoover — I'd like it to move into a curated feed containing the really great open source projects. It would be awesome to align it with a Product Hunt category?