GitKraken Glo Boards

Easily track tasks and issues from inside popular dev tools

GitKraken Glo Boards: a more productive way for developers to track tasks and issues from inside GitKraken, VS Code, Atom or a browser! Glo Boards sync in real-time with GitHub Issues, support markdown and offer lots of time-saving features for devs.

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Hey Product Hunters 👋 I’m Sara, and I’m part of the legendary team of Krakens at Axosoft. We’ve been hard at work developing GitKraken Glo Boards, and we’re really excited to introduce you to it! Glo Boards provide a more productive way for dev teams to track tasks and issues from inside GitKraken (our cross-platform Git GUI client), VS Code, Atom, a browser, or our mobile apps! Glo Boards sync in real-time with GitHub Issues, support markdown and offer lots of time-saving features for collaborative dev teams. Best of all, it’s free for non-commercial use! Sign up at, and if you love the product and want to use it commercially, use promo code producthunt-glo 💰to get $10 off a GitKraken Pro account, which gives you access to not only Glo Boards but the GitKraken Git Client as well! I’m dying to know what you all think! Please share your feedback 🙏 and I’ll be around to answer any questions you may have. Cheers 🍻
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@pankaj_kumar7 Thank you for the support! ❤️

I used Glo Boards today only but using Kraken since more than 6 months for my open-source projects. And experience is amazing


Can see kanban board status, can change status and can develop code at same place. This feature makes it soo amazing...


Not cons, but can have feature which can show estimated task and remaining effort for the task or % of remaining task.

Been using Glo Boards for awhile to track my bug tracking. Just few feedback for me: 1. If the column's colour can be customised would be great (eg. `Done` column is green). 2. Sometimes one card depends on another card (eg. task #2 can only be fixed, once task #1 is completed, so a dependent dropdown would be useful). 3. Time tracker on the card would be awesome as well. 4. Each card needs a custom unique ID (eg. WEB-11) so that it would be easier to refer during the discussion, rather than this ID `WzDIt4jPCxAAr1yd`. 5. Permission level would be great as well. Eg. the card owner can invite someone to collaborate on the task, but the collaborator is not allowed to delete the card / update the task list & only allow to add comment & tick / untick the task list. 6. Priority on the card is useful as well, especially when you have too many cards to sort out within a column.
@ferdinand_arman Thanks for the feedback! We have feature requests in for some of those items already, and one thing you can try is using the labels to mark priority level!
Love the dark design!
@whiletrueeat welcome to the dark side 🌚
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it's dark mode of Trello
@gklin plus other features specifically for developers!