GitHub Project Management

No-fluff guide to building a collaborative development team

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Hi Product Hunters, this is Matt from ZenHub. Paige and I are super excited to get this book live today! We created ZenHub to help centralize project management where the work actually happens, we found that when we did this teams found a massive uptick in communication and transparency. Not forcing developers to log into Jira also helps ;) This ebook was created to share the knowledge that we had collected on this journey to integrate a project management layer into GitHub - what works and what doesn’t work for running a project close to the code base? Happy to answer any questions here on either ZenHub or GitHub Project Management!
Excited to share this book with you -- the culmination of our (sometimes hard-won) lessons in team collaboration, plus some expert advice from people much smarter than ourselves :)
I love this product! Love that I can stay in github, however the $25 minimum isn't very indie developer friendly and I'll likely stick with
@axpence Hey Alex, thanks for the kind words! We want to make ZenHub accessible to teams of any size. Shoot me an email -- :)
Having good team work can change the dynamic of the whole project!
@blakerubin1 Couldn't agree more.