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The leader in all things GIFs, just launched a custom iPhone keyboard (we knew this was coming). Of course, here's a GIF explainer: P.S. The CEO, @alexchung, is on Product Hunt LIVE in a few weeks. His landing page is the best.
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Hey all-- Product manager and designer on Keys here, hanging for a bit. AMA!
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@merkinspurlock what's your favorite part of the keyboard?
@merkinspurlock also will you go on a date with me?
@yosub_kim I thought you'd never ask!
@merkinspurlock A life goal of mine is to replace all my verbal exchanges between friends, with gifs instead of words. Is GIPHY Keys a good way to do this? Please respond quickly - people are texting me and I don't know what to do.
@jaredehalpern The answer is yes.
Was just looking for this. Perfect timing!
The future is now.
@cemkozinoglu @giphy @alexchung @slashkeyboard Thank you! And thanks for your help along the way. 👻