GIPHY Capture 3.0

The best way to make GIFs just got better

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Hey all, GIPHY team here. Happy to answer any questions. The main feature in this release is the ability to add rich animated captions to your GIF. Captions are a large part of what makes a GIF engaging by adding context and bringing it to life. Until now, it required knowledge of video editing tools like After Effects, etc. The app also now captures at 60FPS and you can save your output as a high-def video!
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@andyhinetc Looks awesome Andy! Congrats!
@andyhinetc Good job guys, cool idea.
@andyhinetc Did you guys pull out the Giphy App (Giphy for Mac) from Mac App Store? was looking for it and I can't find it! 🤔
@shahinix yep! you can upgrade from the app store!
One of my favorite tools! Excited for the update
Love using this alongside GIF Brewery - GIPHY Capture is quick 'n simple, GIF Brewery has a bit more power to it /
Congrats on the release, fellow GIF enthusiasts!