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Better benefits for freelancers

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Hi again, ProductHunt! As you have heard, work is changing. The freelance economy is growing as the share of work being done by freelance contractors increases. This is good news for companies who now have more choice and access to resources. It's great news for workers who now have more options as demand for freelancing grows. The freelance model allows for freedom and near-real-time flexibility. Freelancers have more control over their career. A big downside to freelancing has been that when freelancers create value for a company they don’t get to fully share in the economic outcome. For companies too, there aren’t easy ways to incentivize freelancers or create alignment. That’s what we want to change. Today we’re announcing Gigster Fund. The goal is to give freelancers on our platform the opportunity to share in the upside from Gigster’s success and to benefit when our clients do well. It fairly aligns everyone. This is the first step, not the last, in making sure that freelancers are taken care of as the nature of work changes.
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@rogerdickey I like what you're doing. Have you read anything by Doug Rushkoff? He talks a lot about user-owned platforms. He was also a driving force behind what Chobani did recently for their employees.
@rogerdickey Very nice Roger!
@apknole I haven't but I'll take a look
This is entirely unheard of in the tech industry and I commend Gigster for their constant strive to support their talented community.
@stephn_r Thanks Stephen!
Great opportunity to incentivize freelancers to make great, durable software, rather than just MVPs
As a fellow Gigster, this is amazing news! As a freelancer, it's exciting to see some innovation in how businesses and those with skills can connect and work together for mutual upside. Congrats on the launch, and looking forward to see this initiative grow.