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Hi everyone, I'm the cofounder of Giftbit. I'm pleased to launch the beta of Giftbit's Payment API. This gives online merchants and retailers their own powerful gift card tools. Plus, Giftbit also promotes and sells a merchant's gift cards in our marketplace. Giftbit completely eradicates any gift card waste, as we refund the account of the gift card buyer if the gift card recipient never spends the card value (despite everyone's best efforts). This allows the buyer to send a new gift card to a new recipient and drive sales and customer acquisition at the merchant. I'm here to answer your questions and get your feedback. Thanks, Leif
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Here's a link to the api docs:
@leif sounds a cool concept. Added in my try list. Will share experience afterwards.
Say, can't this be useful to SAAS businesses too? Instead of offering a '10% discount', offer a gift card. If it's redeemed - great, your promotion worked. If it didn't, with GiftBit you can get your money back. If providing a gift card proves a more effective way to increase conversion to paying customers over traditional discounts that's huge. - replace promotion codes with gift cards.
@ehudhal Hey Ehud. Giftbit's money-back gift cards can easily support your use case. By making the offer a gift card, it also becomes unique and more useful for marketing because you can tie a specific code to a signup/contact.
What scenarios do you think will this API be most useful for?
@bmajz Giftbit's payment API gives a merchant a complete gift card platform with minimal dev effort on their part. There has been a lot of interest in the new sales distribution that a merchant gets by running our API. Giftbit also enables internal teams at the merchant to send and track gift cards for marketing and partnerships.
@leif Awesome! How have merchants been onboarding to your API?
Amazing product. Love love love.
I was waiting for the typical hidden text saying US/Canada only. It's refreshing to see you service Australia! Giftbit looks awesome! Are you planning to release a Magento extension?
@boogsau yes. We are working on integrations with some of the big ecommerce services. Sign up for the beta and let's chat!