Add contextual notes to websites, folders, docs, apps

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Hi Everyone I could write a whole book about this project and what i had to go through to get it out but finally I think its there. Ghostnote allow you to add notes to almost anything on your mac. Files, folders, applications, websites and even documents open inside applications (ex a photoshop document). I made it because I am not good at structuring and often just need notes for specific context but soon realized that this approach actually has quite a lot of potential. Next update will have support for applescript so you can customize context. Let me know if you have any kind of feedback. Everything is appreciated.
@hello_world this is pretty awesome. Does it work with gmail threads? I am not sure if the hardlink is always the same. Also, are notes or references to notes stored in files' extended attributes or in a separate db? Can I share the notes with context across devices?
@radiofreejohn thanks and yes it kind of work with gmail although we could use some more refinements. Next update will include the ability to add custom scripts so you could in theory just go bonkers yourself. If you do please share your solution with us so we can share it with the ghostnote community.
This is really interesting. Is there a way for people to share notes across teams/accounts and preserve the context? Thinking specifically about the URL use case.
@adamsigel thanks It depends on what you mean. Do you mean if you add notes to lets say and then other people who visit that website and uses ghost note will also be able to see the notes? This is actually a very interesting concept and something we are def looking into. Another version would be to allow owners of websites to add notes to an online form so that when people come and visit the page they will see those notes. What we are going to do is add support for dropbox so that a team can share the same notes or todos. Thats in the next update.
@adamsigel @hello_world I was thinking of something similar, we haven't found a great annotation tool for content we're creating. For example, one of our writers creates a post and adds images, formatting, etc. Would be great to be able to see the finished product and then add notes/comments for other team members to review. All team members would have GhostNotes installed.
@hello_world @domydeal Yes, along these lines. The idea is that I or someone on my team can leave a note on a URL and anyone who has GhostNote installed/is signed into GhostNote and visits that URL can access my notes. Right now, all of these types of notes live in a wiki that correspond to different parts of our app, and it'd be so much simpler to have the notes "on top" of the app.
@adamsigel @domydeal yes we are working on that. Next update will (along with bug fixes of course) come with applescript support which would allow someone to write a service. Soon after we will to begin with have Dropbox support maybe even normal file and folder support. Having notes be shared by url is a little bit more tricky but is the way we want to take things. But great feedback thank you so much.
@domydeal @adamsigel Adam thats actually a very interesting use case and opens up for all these very cool new ways of using ghostnote. It might be possible to write something via the custom scripts coming up that would basically make an online version of notes made for websites and then basically have those who have that script be able to sync up. We are hoping the community will start writing their own scripts so I will keep this in my backhead. Thanks guys this has been very informative.
So just to be ultra crystal clear.. you can add notes to Xcode files?? :D