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Ghost Browser is the productivity browser for technology professionals with built in session management and Projects to organize your work. Chrome extensions work out of the box, making the transition easy.

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Hello everyone. I'm Larry, one of the founders. I'm a bit of an efficiency freak so I built Ghost Browser to help me get through the mundane tasks I had to do every day as a tech professional. The browser lets you isolate cookie jars into color coded tabs so you can run multiple sessions with multiple accounts on the same web site. As @ramkumarhq pointed out, it's a solution that has many uses but we have tech professionals in mind when designing it: designers, developers, seo and social media marketers, QA testers. My co-founder (and wife) @CatKokoszka and I are happy to answer questions about it so Ask Us Anything!
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I've been using the ghost browser from yesterday and its pretty impressive. I've ditched the Google Chrome browser for the ghost browser. This browser is basically "google chrome" on steroids. If you are a tech professional / social media manager (or) developer, this browser is a must have for you. The best part of the browser is if you use more than one social media account (1 personal and 1 business), you have to 'log out' one account before opening your second account. This browser eliminates that and you can open all your social media account in 1 window. To know more about the ghost browser, check this video.
In my opinion, this looks like a great alternative to chrome. Since it was built on the 'Chrome' base, all the chrome apps and extensions are working fine in this browser. Feel free to comment below, the maker will be able to answer your queries. Good luck :)
@ramkumarhq Thanks so much for adding @Ghost_Browser to @ProductHunt. Great Description too! Glad you like it.
@ramkumarhq Thanks for the great review of @Ghost_Browser on @ProductHunt! I'm glad to hear that Ghost is your new every-day browser and that you're enjoying it! Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you. Happy Ghost browsing :)
I absolutely love this concept. As it's built on Chromium can I assume that the forked code is available somewhere? I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to inspect the source to confirm no gremlins have crept in there and it's a recent fork for security purposes.
@jamiequackers Thanks. Glad you like it! The code is not available for review, but there are no gremlins. The whole reason we built the browser is to help people get through their work day faster, so gremlins aren't really in our DNA. As far as security, our last core update was in May. We don't always patch everything right away because new Chromium code is not always stable. This is the way the Chrome team does it too.
Granted, I've only been using the browser for about 10 minutes, but it's blazing fast. I don't even need to be signed into multiple social profiles, but I might make this my default browser if this speed keeps up.
@ben_stacer Awesome. Glad you're liking it. Thanks for posting.
I do this with the People menu in Chrome. I setup a different Chrome profile for each group of social accounts. Then I can have them all open at the same time. What is the benefit of this?
@joshdance Thanks for bringing this up! The People menu works for some use cases for sure, so if you're happy with it, go with it. However a lot of our users have switched to Ghost because they weren't satisfied with the following things: 1. Multiple windows are messy and cumbersome, whereas having isolated cookie jars in one window tends to help you be more productive. 2. Multiple windows require you to keep your extensions in synch manually. For example, I use Roboform for password management. But if I create a new profile, I have to install the Roboform extension into the new profile, whereas with Ghost, all of the extensions I rely on to do my job are available to every session because it's all in the same window. 3. Same with auto-fill data. Profiles in Chrome do not share auto-fill data, so you're constantly rebuilding that info. For social media management, you can have a peek at how Cat uses Ghost Browser here:
@larrykokoszka I've been depending on Chrome's multi profile abilities for a long time too. I'll definitely give this a try. What is Ghost Browser's memory consumption like compared to a multi profile Chrome setup?
@frassmith Hi Fraser, I'm sorry for the late response. I did not realize this was a new comment. Compared to a multi-profile set up, you will see significant improvements in performance with Ghost Browser because each profile you load up is heavy. With Ghost, you don't need a second profile for most tasks, so it's lighter. Here's an article we wrote going into more detail.
@larrykokoszka hi Larry, thanks for the update. I'm on vacation at the moment but I know my invite is waiting for me when I get home tonight. I'll be trying it when I'm back.