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Hey Producthunt! It's been a while :) We're back with our biggest ever update to Ghost, 4 years after our original launch on Kickstarter. We spent the last ~9 months and 2,600+ commits on this release (prizes if you can guess how long we originally predicted it was going to take) and it's absolutely full of improvements. The biggest change by far is a move to a dynamic block-based editor in built on MobileDoc (An open document storage format based on JSON) in collaboration with Bustle.com - we're really excited about where that's going. In short: It paves the way toward a rich editing experience (Like Medium) but with powerful, dynamic blocks of content (Like Slack/Notion). There's still a long way to go in realising the full vision for the new writing experience, but Ghost 1.0 represents a huge step in that direction - along with a plethora of improvements in both design and code architecture. The main release post is linked above, but we also have a dev blog post about all the underlying API improvements here: https://dev.ghost.org/ghost-1-0-0/ Would love to hear your thoughts! We'll be doing a little podcast this week on the release, so if you have any questions we'll likely answer them IRL :)
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@johnonolan Hi John! Sick release. You recently mentioned you want to focus more (or extra) on helping businesses with their blog platforms. Can you tell more about your plans? Will you add any functipnality (or is it in her?) specifically?
@levelsio Hey Pietz! Absolutely. That's what's next from a feature standpoint. Back in January we announced a journalism program (https://ghost.org/journalism) where we selected 3 publishers to work with and design business based features around their needs. That work is well underway, and we're excited about a lot of things on that front. But you wanted specifics: The main functionality we're really interested in incorporating into Ghost is that of memberships and subscriptions. Modern journalism needs a business model, and @theinformation + @benthompson's Stratechery are paving the way for what looks like a sustainable, positive economic model for digital news. Can we make that easily accessible to everyone? That's what we'd like to find out!
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@johnonolan Pumped about this release. Been checking the dev blog all week wondering if it was coming. Looking forward to giving it a go. Good work!
@levelsio @theinformation @benthompson @johnonolan Quite a different vision than I expected from Ghost's Nolan
@johnonolan The block-style editor caught my attention—would love to hear more about that. Any ways it can be used today?
Congrats @johnonolan @hannah_wolfe on Ghost 1.0. Been using Ghost for my personal blog https://blog.oscarmorrison.com/ since day 0. Keep up the good work ghost team 👻
Congrats with the upgrade of Ghost! 🎉🎉🎉
@andreyazimov Thanks Andrey! 🤗 It's been a long time coming
Congrats @hannah_wolfe @johnonolan and team! I have been following the development of Ghost since almost the start, can't wait to use it on my next project 😎
@far0s Cheers Seb :) Let us know how that project goes - would love to see
Looks awesome! Will migrate asap :D