GeoZilla Family Locator

Keep your valuables & loved ones safe

#4 Product of the DayOctober 17, 2019
GeoZilla app allows users to add their closest people to the app and share their whereabouts, receive arrival alerts, and monitor family members’ safety on the road. Today GeoZilla has released the top performing GPS hardware to help keep loved ones safe!
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16 Reviews4.7/5
Tristan, thank you for hunting GeoZilla! Hi there! I’m Artem, the CEO at GeoZilla. Our startup helps more than 1M families to build and improve their self-safety responsibility every day, by prompting for emergency assistance in difficult situations. We are solely about your security and peace of mind. Today, GeoZilla has launched a top-performing GPS hardware to help keep loved ones safe without the need to use a phone. Unlike similar trackers, GeoZilla relies on GPS and GSM networks. We’d appreciate your feedback!
Smart tech to keep your family safe. I will definitely use this with my first born.
@pollock Tristan, thanks for the support and for hunting our startup 🙏🏽
I love the App and Geozilla device makes it even more functional! Want to use it for my grandparents definitely.
Great product guys! Good luck!)
@jaroslav_bosenko Thanks Yaroslav! We'll gradually add more new releases in our app 😉