Location tracking SDK with 90% less battery drain 🔋

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 18, 2018

GeoSpark is an AI driven location tracking platform with 90% less battery drain. GeoSpark allows you to do more with less. Use GeoSpark's SDKs for location data with 90% less battery drain for your iOS and Android apps.

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Hi Product Hunters, I’m Manoj and I am a Startup Founder based in Amsterdam. I got started on this journey about a year ago when I was visiting Paris for the first time. Although I had a great time, I couldn’t help feeling a little homesick so I decided to go 30 miles outside the city to watch an Indian movie. The movie was pretty good but the problem was by the time it finished there were no trains back to the city. And I ended up sleeping on the station floor in the middle of winter. So why didn’t I just call an Uber, or why didn’t I call my friends. Well, the thing is my phone had died. We’ve all been there. But the worst part is my phone had died so quickly because I’d been testing out a location-based messaging app that I was working on at that time. When I woke up the next morning stiff, cold and slightly pissed off. I realized something had to be done. I put a team of the smartest people I know together and over the next few months, we built GeoSpark. GeoSpark is a location tracking technology with 90% less battery drain. What that means is App makers can do more with location and perhaps, more importantly,​ I’ll probably never have to sleep on a station floor again.
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@manojadithya This is great Manoj! Thanks for sharing! 😸
@amrith Thank you Amrith, solving an actual problem that people face on a daily basis.
@manojadithya Absolutely! All the best :)
Battery saving technology seems like a cost saver for large companies. Interesting!
@roberthopman True... Cost saving and enabling new use cases with location for large & small companies.
Great stuff, Manoj! Keep rocking! ;)
@epicantus Thank you Daria!
This is awesome! Congrats on getting featured ✌️
@joshbeitler Thank you Josh. :)
Are we trading off details for battery? What part of location tracking takes the most power? Geopositioning or transmitting to server?
@lordloh GeoSpark focuses on accuracy and location data. So you’re not trading off accuracy or data for better efficiency. Geo positioning takes most of the power.